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Why dancing? Dance is the most fundamental of the arts, involving a direct expression of ones self through ones body. It is a Mind-body interface.


is a technique for finding and correcting cerebral and spinal imbalances or blockages that may cause sensory, motor, or intelectual dysfunction.

Visceral Manipilation (VM)

- this delicate Manual therapy focuses on the internal organs, their environment, and their potential influence on many structural and physiological dysfunctions. VM is based on the specific placement of soft manual forces to enhance the normal mobility of the viscera (internal organs). The goal is to encourage the body's normal forces remove abnormal effects, whatever their sorces. The technique is as subtle as pervasive. The modern concept of VM is based on the pioneering work of the French osteopath Jean-Pierre Barral.

Postisometric Relaxation (PIR)

is a positional technique, using muscular facilitation and inhibition. As it obviously acts on muscles with increased tension, it is advantageous for muscle relaxation, if there is muscle spasm an particularly if there are Trigger points. The good results can be significantly enhanced by combining PIR with methods that affect the postural musculature as whole, such as eye movements, inhalation and exhalation

Muscle Energy Technique

is positional technique that facilitates correction of biomechanical dysfunction by normalizing neuromusculoskeletal balance

Myofascial Release

utilizes passive movement of the myofascial layers from superficial to deep. The purpose is to release muscle spasm, stretch abnormal fibrous tissue, decongest the tissue, increase blood flow, and increase proprioception

Shiatsu and Acupressure

are Oriental-based systems of finger pressure massage which treat special points along acupuncture 'meridians', the invisible channels of energy flow in the body


The ART of BEING PRESENT is a system that teaches us the practical steps anyone can take to unify the energies of mind, body and feelings and become present. It uses the body to connect us to the harmony of life as it actually is in the moment

The movement and postures of BREEMA partner bodywork and Self-BREEMA exercises are profoundly comfortable and natural. Practiced with BREEMA's Nine Principles of Harmony, they lead us to a totally new experience of ourselves


is a science and art that uses natural fragrant essential oils, herbs and plant extracts to influence the emotions and relax or stimulate the body reactions to them


is generic name for a method of afferent stimulation designed to control the pain. This approach of nerve activation, often called neuromodulation, is now well recognized for management of pain syndromes found throughout the body. Due to technological advantages, there is now a variety of TENS units designed for specific modes

Take Home Exercise Program

part of your session will be dedicated to design a unique physical activities program including cardiovascular conditioning, strength training and stretching. You will perform the exercises during the session and learn how to incorporate them at home. It will be personalized to suit your specific problem, lifestyle and fitness level. Great for couples or friends as you can keep each other motivated after you get home

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